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Gotta move. Tons of work and short deadlines. Designers need to design, copywriters need to write, photographers need to photograph and fabricators need to fabricate. Often not necessarily in that order; therein lies the challenge. To successfully coordinate disparate sources of information over time to ultimately coalesce into a completed project.



Communication is key. Obviously. From start to finish. Obviously.


Proper traffic management is essential. Projects must be scoped accurately for size, content and expectations so as to effectively schedule the proper personnel.


The work is there. It needs to be done. Someone's got to do it. It's all about efficiency.


And don't even get me started about file management. I cannot stress enough the importance of a well constructed intuitive filing system. Absolutely imperative when managing tens of thousands of files.


Production is elegant. Great production is profitable. In my last foray as a Production Manager, my former team of 12 designers and 3 copywriters produced upwards of 300 assets monthly. We enjoyed success because the systems and process in place maximized the skill level and workload of each team member.


Speed is a requirement but should never allow quality to suffer. This is a production absolute. Meeting the deadline is always the goal and setting client expectations is crucial to achieving this. Again, communication is the key.


A quality assurance stage in the process is necessary. Through where all assets must pass before being released to the client. Always to maintain brand adherence, quality of design and copy requirements.


The goal is to take a project from conception to completion. Establishing personnel assets and project requirements to establish and meet client expectations. 

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