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This campaign centered around motivating renters so that they could enjoy the many benefits of home ownership. More living space and a competitive monthly payment were the primary drivers.


The demographic was first-time buyers and young families. The vehicles for this were newspaper and direct mail so we selected strong images to support the simple messages to grab visual interest while appealing to the Austin vibe. 


Since we also wanted to convey a sense of empowerment to the buyer we included messaging and imagery to convey this. 




When I was charged with producing a redirect page for the ill-fated Streak 5 tablet, I wanted to present it in a way that did not connote failure but simply stated that this product is no longer available.


The response from the industry was quite interesting. Because the messaging was so evocative, we saw over 30 blog mentions and a dozen tech sites featured it on their home pages.


In essence, the design and messaging worked to soften the blow for the client and dilute the fact that their product was ill-conceived at the time and, consequently, no longer available.


The idea for this campaign was to represent 3 quarters of seasonal sales using strong colors and imagery to increase visibility across multiple platforms.


Always maintaining brand design elements for a consistent experience for the consumer.


Using incentive-laden messaging to attract home buyers in a down market. Price, product and location being the primary focus.



The venue for this event was outside and under the stars. We wanted to convey that while at the same time creating a sense of wonder.


The marketing ran across multiple platforms including digital and print. Assets were created for pre-sell as well as post-event support.


The event sold out.


I was approached by the Travis County Sheriff's Department to develop messaging and imagery for their campaign to reduce incidences of drunk driving among high school teenagers.


In addition to creating a logo to help brand the campaign and provide support collateral, I wanted to use photography that the demographic would find interesting and engaging.


The materials needed were for event notification and registration purposes as well as to raise funds.


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