My experience is in marketing. Both in agency and freelance settings. My role is to help my clients establish a successful relationship with their customers.


As you peruse this site you will see I reside on the creative side of marketing. As it pertains to design, messaging and project management.



Creating evocative marketing materials across all platforms to visually evoke a positive response from the consumer. This while establishing and maintaining the brand identity.



Working with clients and copywriters to create concise and engaging dialogue for the consumer.



Working with the client, copywriter, designer and developer to scope projects to properly schedule timelines and set client expectations. 


Bold or subdued. Sharp or dull. Shy or gregarious. Whatever the personality, all corporate imagery will be crafted to successfully impart the message to the consumer.


I find the development of logos to be a process. One that depends heavily on client input.


Alas, extracting that input is the challenge.